As a lead agent, Don’s main focus has always been to give our clients the best service, advice, and experience possible. Over a decade into real estate and his referrals and testimonials are a reflection of his professionalism and genuine caring for his clients.

Early in life, Don had a keen interest in technology and took his talents to San Francisco, working for start-ups. He returned to the Twin Cities, continuing in the tech field. Real estate was always top of mind, whether through building with his father; window browsing through open houses each weekend, or keeping abreast of the current state of the market. With these experiences in his back pocket, he decided to dive head first into the residential real estate world. Now, in his business, he takes a modern approach, leveraging two of his passions: real estate and technology - ensuring his clients always have an advantage over the competition.

Don is a “consultant” in every form of the word. He has made it his passion and life’s work to provide professional and expert advice about real estate, not just as your agent, but as an advisor.

When he’s not putting buyers and sellers together, Don is working on his golf handicap, rough-housing with his sons, and enjoying the local food and libation scene with those that he is closest to.

Don graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelors in Business with a concentration in Finance.